Shadowing Programme

Nurses moving to new practice areas must keep their knowledge and skills up to date, taking part in appropriate and regular learning and professional development activities that aim to maintain and develop competence and improve performance to ensure public safety (NMC, 2015).

In recent years’ the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses (BACN) has seen an increase in membership with new members seeking clinical and practical support to develop their skills in the aesthetic field. In response, a working party has been established to develop a service; the Guidance and Expert Support Service (GEPSs).

The service will offer support to new and existing members who wish to develop their competence and confidence working autonomously in aesthetic practice. It will be the decision of the Learner to self-assess against the BACN and/or HEE competencies. The service offered follows accredited basic foundation training in aesthetic procedures i.e. Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Fillers. These guidelines relate to the GEPS service only. (See Mentorship Policy for further information on Mentorship).


GEPSs is a “Shadowing Service” and offers practitioners new to the aesthetic industry opportunities to work alongside and observe experienced aesthetic nurses in clinical practice. Learners undertaking the GEPS service will only observe the clinical practice of others and the treatment techniques and products used planned for clinic that day. Learners will not carry out any treatments themselves, nor can they request demonstrations for specific treatment techniques, however, there will be an opportunity to ask questions in relation to theoretical and clinical practice at the end of the day. If this service does not meet individual learning needs, then one may need to consider the Mentorship Programme

For more information regarding the BACN Shadowing Programme, please click here. If you are interested in undertaking a the programme and would like to be matched with a Shadowing Programme Provider please contact Sarah Greenan (BACN Operations Manager) at

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