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Aesthetic Nursing

Also known as Cosmetic Medicine, Appearance Medicine or Anti-Ageing Medicine. 

Aesthetic medicine is a developing clinical speciality distinct from plastic surgery, providing minimally invasive medical treatments to enhance patients’ satisfaction with their physical appearance.  The procedures are elective and performed on adult patients who are otherwise healthy.

Indications for cosmetic medical treatment

Treatments usually focus on face, neck, hands and décolleté:

  • Ageing or sun-damaged skin 
  • Lines and wrinkles 
  • Loss of youthful facial contours 
  • Scarring, acne scarring, stretch marks 
  • Uneven pigmentation 
  • Open pores 
  • Broken capillaries 

Cosmetic medicine is not just for the ageing patient, it can be used to enhance facial features, such as lips, nose, cheeks, chin and jawline and also to protect, maintain and enhance younger skin.

Cosmetic nurses may also undertake treatments for indications of the body:

  • Unwanted hair/hair loss 
  • Unwanted fat 
  • Unsightly leg veins 
  • Excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis)

Treatments provided by cosmetic nurses include the following (the list is not exhaustive):

  • Dermal fillers 
  • Botulinum toxins 
  • Medical needling 
  • Chemical peels 
  • Cosmeceutical and prescription skin care 
  • Laser, Intense Pulsed Light, radiofrequency and ultra sound 
  • Carboxytherapy 
  • Medical microdermabrasion 
  • Mesotherapy 
  • Sclerotherapy

REMEMBER: having a cosmetic injectable or any invasive cosmetic treatment is not without risk and warrants specialist clinical expertise.

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