Regulation of Independent Clinics, Scotland

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Sent on behalf of KevinFreeman-Ferguson, Senior Inspector

Dear Colleague

As you will probably know by now, the regulation of independent clinics was commenced in Scotland on 1 April 2016 and Healthcare Improvement Scotland is taking this work forward.

The definition of an independentclinic, advice on who needs to register and how to go about applying to be registered can be found on our website here :

We appreciate that businesses have a lot of work to do in preparing their application, but there is also a substantial amount of work involved in bringing a whole sector of the Scottish independent healthcare market into regulation. We set out in our guidance, that it will take a minimum of 3 months to process an application and that it can be longer depending on the complexity of the healthcare service being registered. While each individual application may not be complex, the fact that we are expecting in excess of 500 applications means that we have to allow extra time for the processing of these. It is important that we are clear and realistic about the time it will take to review all of the applications and work with services to ensure they meet the standard for registration. To this end we have now said that in order for us to process applications, grant registrations and issue certificates in time, applications must be submitted to us by 1 September 2016.

The regulations that define an independent clinic also set out a number of exemptions, these can be read in full at:

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