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The BACN continues to implement its new Business Strategy. The BACN has grown hugely from its beginnings in 2009 and now has over 600 members and is growing daily. In order to meet the demands from such a large membership base the BACN has had to review its role as a Professional Association and the services it provides to its Members and major stakeholders. This process culminated in the publication of the BACN Strategy 2014–17.

The BACN is now implementing this strategy and a major element has been revisions to its membership structure, the enhancement of its member services and the reorganisation of its network of regional groups. Underpinning all of these changes is a strong emphasis on activities in the fields of education, training, revalidation and CPD all linked to the new standards which are emerging from the HEE work.

A new membership structure for its existing nurses will take effect from 1/4/2015 and will for the first time recognise the differing levels of expertise, experience and competence of its practitioners. Full details of the changes can be seen on the new BACN website.

BACN Chair, Sharon Bennett said:

"‘The BACN has had amazing success from its small beginnings in 2009 but has had to respond to the growth and development of the aesthetics industry. The public is demanding more information all of the time in relation to who it is receiving treatment from and their level of competence. The new BACN membership structure and Charter clearly identifies the Code of Conduct under which BACN members practice and the experience and professional competence of that person".

In addition the BACN has responded to a huge number of requests from other health care professionals to join in BACN activities so the BACN will for the first time welcome people to become ‘Affiliated Members’ in 2015. This Affiliated Membership category will be closely monitored and will be restricted to Doctors and Dentists.

Affiliated members will be able to access a number of BACN services including information resources, the Annual Conference and attendance at the Super Regional Network meetings.

In a final change to its membership Structures the BACN has also introduced an ‘International’ affiliated category in order to respond to numerous requests from outside of the UK to use BACN services and resources.

The strength of the BACN is its Nurses and they will always remain as the driving force for all of its activities and they directly make the key decisions about its future direction. Affiliated Members will not have voting rights which will be restricted to BACN Nursing Members.

BACN CEO, Paul Burgess said:

"‘We have undertaken a root and branch review of the BACN and listened to our Members, Stakeholders and Partners. We are very clear that our activities must reflect the prominence which has now been given to providing the highest quality patient care within an agreed set of standards and in providing the tools for all of our Members to deliver and meet these critical objectives".

For further information please contact:

Sharon Bennett – BACN Chair

Paul Burgess - BACN CEO Tel: 07971476312


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