Closure of the BACN Head Office and Information regarding Staffing and Operations

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Dear BACN Members,

It is with some regret and sadness that we have to inform you we are having to suspend the operations of the BACN at head office for an initial period of two months from 1/4/2020 in order to manage our finances during the current COVID Crisis.

The crisis could not have come at such a bad time for the BACN just as we were moving into our membership renewal period for a number of our members. There are those who are on monthly memberships and annual memberships who joined outside of our traditional renewal period that aren’t affected by this situation. We sent an email out to all members last week which outlined some of this information, and also continued information around the offer of reduced membership fees paid on a monthly basis and the extension of members who were due to expire at the end of March until the end of May 2020. We very much thank those members who did decide to renew throughout March and have committed to the BACN in a financial capacity, but sadly the response has not been enough for us to continue to employ our staff at HQ so we have taken the difficult decision to ‘furlough’ all three members – Sarah, Gareth and Tara until the end of May 2020. This enables them to be paid under the Government Support programme but under the rules of this programme they cannot work. We hope that at the end of this period we may be able to resume operations.

We have put in place arrangements for regional events in the Autumn season. Our November annual conference is under discussion. It is probable we will postpone it to February 2021, and we will keep you updated as soon as this is affirmed. November is likely to be your busiest time with your clinics hopefully back to full speed, Christmas on the horizon and so many conferences shifted to the autumn so it may be better to move to a time when our members can take time out more easily and exhibitors can support us better after they too are having a lean time.

We have also spoken with our sponsors about how we can support you during this period with digital platforms (please see the news page on the BACN website for details) and we have also taken the decision to offer the following things staffed by our volunteer CEO Paul Burgess (who has waived all salary payments) and our Board of Unpaid Directors:

  1. Private Facebook Page for members and use of the members area – this way we can continue to communicate but please bear with us in responding to requests via this medium as we are all trying to manage our own lives and businesses – managed by the BACN Board team -
  2. A central enquiry-point about the association – please only use for essential questions. This e mail address with be managed by Paul –
  3. Regional leaders support, networking, Facetime sessions – all leaders will be updated with all current members e mails
  4. Board video updates and education on Facebook
  5. Scheduled Social Media posts by the team will go out in April and May
  6. The BACN website and Member’s Area is still active, with a wealth of information, resources, and tools to use
  7. Posting of relevant on-line education
  8. Financial support and advice webinars from Jonathan Bardolph, our Treasurer
  9. Keeping you updated with BACN news
  10. Maintaining our columns in the journals

Paul will also endeavour to put out some news relevant to the membership, but this will only be limited.

Our intention is that the BACN will resume as soon as it is possible from a practical and financial point of view. So many of you have worked so hard to build the Association and we know we will have your support to rebuild it when the time is right. We will have a huge role in supporting those of you who are going to relaunch your own business when the time is right.

If any member would like to provide educational content of have a personal educational video they would like to share, please direct this to Sharon Bennett:

Please shout out BACN whenever you are on social media and keep up to date on the Facebook page.

If applicable to you, you are still able to renew your membership with the BACN which will maintain your membership beyond the extension of the end of May. Just log in to the BACN website and go to ‘My Subscriptions’ and follow the instructions where you are able to do this. Monthly options and Annual Options are available there.

In the meantime, we hope you and your families keep isolated and keep well. Many of you will be working in the NHS at this time and many will be offering services to the NHS. For this we applaud you.

Sharon Bennett, The BACN Board and Paul Burgess CEO

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