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BAPRAS launches major new campaign to help anyone considering cosmetic surgery to be safe

BAPRAS has published worrying new research that shows thousands of people are at risk of physical and psychological harm from poor or inappropriate cosmetic surgery. In a major study, the Association found two million people in the UK are considering or undergoing cosmetic surgery in the next year – yet one quarter of patients don’t check credentials of their surgeon, a fifth aren’t aware of the risks associated with theprocedure and a further fifth aren’t even clear on the potential outcomes ofthe procedure before going ahead.

To help protect patients, BAPRAS is launching anew campaign – Think Over Before You Makeover –to help anyone consideringsurgery to carry out the right checks and preparation to ensure the decision isthe right one for them.

In order to ensure a surgeon is properlyqualified and has the right credentials, the Association is urging patients tocheck they are on the General Medical Council’s (GMC) Specialist Register forthe discipline in which they have trained. It is also encouraging patients toask their surgeon about their experience as well as taking time out to cool offand think about their options.

BAPRAS warns many patients may experiencelong-term damage unless they take a considered and safe approach and is callingon all patients, clinics and professional bodies to support the campaign.

Nigel Mercer, BAPRAS President and ConsultantPlastic Surgeon, said:

“Cosmetic surgery is not something to be taken lightly andyet thousands of people are putting themselves at serious risk by rushing in tomajor procedures recklessly, without consideration for their own safety. Infact, many people spend more time choosing an electrician than they do asurgeon. Think Over Before You Make Over is not here to promote cosmeticsurgery; we recognise that thousands of people will choose to have surgery thisyear and we want all these people to read our campaign advice so they can makeinformed choices and protect themselves from bad practice.”

Materials available to the public include arange of free guides from expert BAPRAS plastic surgeon members, alongsidepatient case study stories and Q&As to help people make sure that if theydo have surgery, they are having it safely.

Nigel Mercer continued:

“BAPRAS has been at the forefront of driving the higheststandards of industry practices, demanding appropriate regulation and marketingof cosmetic surgery interventions. Think Over Before You Makeover buildson this commitment. We need an informed and empowered public, able to makeactive choices; we critically need people to think over before they make over,and we call on everyone to support this vital campaign.”

For more information about the campaign, detailed research findings and press release, please visit For Think Over before you Make Over expertguide to help you decide whether cosmetic surgery is right for you.


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