BACN Statement Concerning the National Restrictions in England

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The BACN understands and sympathises with concerns and questions our members have relating to the latest government announcement of a 4-week Lockdown in England which commenced on November 5th. (See guidance for Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland).

Please understand that we are not in a position to advise you individually what you should do at this time. We are currently awaiting a response from our communication with the Dept of Health and Social Care and will update if there is any additional direction from them that is helpful.

The legislation is not prescriptive and we have practitioners who work in a variety of premises, some of which must close by law. The decision to open or close is down to the independent practitioner and must take into account the service one offers and the model of practice you provide. The legislation can be viewed here and you will see that medical clinics may remain open:

Schedule Part 3. Businesses subject to restriction, closure or permitted to open

Page 32. 

47. Dental services, opticians, audiology services, chiropody, chiropractors, osteopaths and other medical or health services, including services relating to mental health. (May remain open)

Nurses are governed by a statutory provision, which clearly sets out that every treatment or service given by a nurse is a nursing service to patients.

We must be compliant with The NMC Code.

The Code presents the professional standards we must uphold in order to be registered to practice. It is our guide in respect of the specialist nursing practice of medical aesthetics during this pandemic. We must practice in accordance with decision making competencies as nurses. We must demonstrate and carry out case by case comprehensive, systematic nursing assessments that take account of physical, social, cultural, psychological, spiritual, genetic and environmental factors.

Additionally, we must risk assess and we must follow all government legislation.

BACN has a set of Covid-19 Guidelines available as do JCCP and Save Face which signpost to legislation to help you in your practice. Hamilton Fraser Cosmetic Insurance also released a statement on Medical Malpractice Insurance during the new lockdown period for all Hamilton Fraser clients.

If you feel you cannot fulfil the reasonable standard of care that you determine to be fit for purpose to practice medical aesthetics as a regulated nurse and you cannot fulfil the criteria required for safe practice as outlined in the NMC Code during Covid-19, then do not practice.

We will keep you updated with any changes as they present to us, and we will ensure that you have enough information available to allow you to continue to make an informed decision on your own practice and working at this time.

With best wishes,

Sharon Bennett

BACN Chair

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