BACN Membership during the COVID-19 pandemic

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Dear Members,

The BACN is your Association and we are trying, in very difficult circumstances, to provide support and guidance to you as our members in these unprecedented times.

We have issued some basic guidelines regarding the continuation of business, but we are subject to daily announcements by the Government.

We will be issuing regular updates and links setting out rules for business and information on financial support being provided by the Government and we are putting in place other important resources for you.

We know that many of you have/or are returning to the NHS in this time of national crisis. We applaud you for this and it’s an example of the resilience, determination and strength our nurses have. 

Our member's Facebook group is a buzzing hive of activity with stories of retuning to practice, informative posts and most of all a strong sense of camaraderie that only nurses seem to have. If you're not on there please go to where you can join.

This crisis could not have come at a worse time for the BACN as now is the time for membership renewal for many members. We sincerely thank all those members who have and are continuing to renew and all those members who are making their regular monthly payments.

We are reliant on contributions from our Strategic Partners/Sponsors and many of these are now facing major difficulties and therefore, as they are reviewing their own major losses, we cannot assume that they will all be able to support us in the short term.

We are very aware that many of you will be facing significant financial issues and that BACN Membership Fees may well not be a priority. We understand this but the BACN is dependent on every membership received to pay the wages of our small team at HQ. With the help of Jonathan and Roger, who manage the accounts, we are exploring the possibility of grants from Government, but these will not ‘kick in’ until the end of April 2020, should we be eligible.

We are looking at every item of expenditure to see what we can do to save costs.  Our CEO Paul Burgess has offered to waive any payments over this crisis period.

We have discussed how we can work together to retain the Association whilst recognising the issues you all face. We have worked tirelessly for years to build and grow our wonderful, incredible Association, and we know how much it means to you all.

Once we come out of this crisis the BACN will have an even more important role supporting our Members getting back into business, and in the meantime there are many things we can do to furnish you with more opportunities to enhance your practice once your back and running again. During this time you will be looking at your practice and how to improve it, add new modalities, learn new skills, manage your websites, your branding, your social engagement, and keeping up to date so that you will be on your feet ready and raring to go when the time comes to open your doors again. 

Our team will be there to support and help you looking at what we can do on a virtual basis rather than face to face meetings.

We are looking at a variety of educational Webinars ( today Galderma have initiated the first, details of which we will send to you this week) ,  sponsors virtual regional meetings, member access to subscription services are being discussed, – more information will follow.  We are also talking to the NMC about any changes to revalidation rules and timetables as well as looking at how we can assist further with your CPD requirements.

With all of this in mind we would like to propose the following measures:

  1. The BACN membership renewal date for annual members will now run through until end of June 2020 (this may be reviewed later). All members will receive full access to the membership benefits. Members who have renewed early will have an extension on the end of their membership to make sure they are not out of pocket.
  2. Members can switch to the monthly payment model of £20 per month irrespective of whether they are Full or Associate Members. However, if people feel they can continue to contribute and support the Association at the current payment levels it will be hugely appreciated.
  3. All members will receive the same service and benefits.

Our team will concentrate in the following areas:

Gareth Lewis   Membership renewal, website updating and information on business support from Government. All your calls will be answered even though we are working remotely

Tara Glover   BACN events, digitisation working with partners, webinars, education and training support service

Paul Burgess/Sarah  Broader concerns re business or personal circumstances.

Sharon Bennett. Chair.  Nursing/aesthetic practice concerns and advice/feedback to the board. 

Through your ongoing support for the BACN, and with your continued membership, we will survive this - for this we thank you.

As Sister Sledge once said,  “We are Family”. The BACN is a family!

There is no other organisation like this and the whole of the Board along with Paul, Sarah, Gareth and Tara are all here to help you.

Finally, our biggest plea to all of our members is to ‘keep safe’, look after your families and please try not to be stressed.

Sharon Bennett - Chair             


Strategic Partners