Revalidation is now compulsory for all nurses from 1st April 2016. The BACN has been a major partner with the NMC in the piloting of revalidation processes with particular regard to issues relating to how this needs to work for many of our members who do not work in traditional NHS structures. 

Detailed briefing notes on the processes involved in revalidation are available on the links at the left of this page. One of the critical roles in the revalidation process is that of the person who acts as the ‘Confirmer’ and also the person who undertakes the ‘Reflective Discussion’. 

In summary the Confirmer attests that the nurse has met the revalidation requirements, sees evidence of CPD and that the reflective discussion has taken place. The Reflective Discussion can be undertaken by the same person if they are a NMC member.

To see the presentation given at those meetings, please click here.