BACN Charter Mark and Charter Certificate

Guidance Note for Members

The BACN has a Charter Mark and Charter Mark Certificate for use by its members :

The main objectives of introducing the Charter Mark and Certificate are as follows:

• To identify that membership of the BACN and display of the Charter Mark represents the provision of safe and quality patient care

• To set out the Code of Conduct under which BACN members operate and what this means for a patient receiving treatment from this member

• To provide a recognisable image that can be associated with patient care and safety

• To provide a visual image that BACN members can display in a number of formats identifying their membership of the BACN and that they have signed up to the Code of Conduct.

The Charter Mark and certificate is made available for use by a named member of the BACN. It is not awarded for use by an individual business or a group of clinics.

Key Rules

Display of the BACN Charter Mark and Charter Mark Certificate by a current BACN member is allowable under the following rules:

• That the person named on the Charter Mark certificate is a current and fully paid up member of the BACN

• That the Charter Mark is awarded for use during the calendar year noted on the mark and must be renewed each year

• No changes can be made to the format of the Charter Mark and Charter Mark Certificate which remains the copyright and trade mark of the BACN

• The Charter Mark and Charter Mark certificate may be withdrawn at any time with the discretion of the BACN if evidence is produced as to its misuse or non- adherence to the Code of Conduct

• All holders of the Charter Mark accept the conditions laid out in the Certificate and agree to abide by them

• The BACN can request proof of evidence of any key items such as current Professional Aesthetic Indemnity Insurance.

Process for Obtaining Charter Mark and Certificate from BACN

Available upon renewal under new Membership Structure.

Associate Member - Charter Certificate and Mark logo - £25; to purchase please CLICK HERE

Full, Fellow and Honorary Member - Free; sent automatically upon renewal

Any queries, please contact Gareth Lewis (Membership Manager) on