BACN Membership Structure, Fees and Benefits

The BACN was formed in 2009 and adopted a simple Membership Structure that worked on the following basis:

• Criteria for membership – Registered member of the NMC and with a Membership Number that could be confirmed

• The provision of a range of services to members including Web Site, Newsletter, Member Discount Packages, Support Network

Over the last 5 years the organisation has grown rapidly with membership now at around 600 and growing. As this growth has taken place the BACN has needed to adapt to providing support and services to a large group of members and has also been faced with a growing list of demands to engage in additional activities as one of the major Associations representing the sector in the UK.

Over the last 18 months the publication of the Keogh Report about regulation of the sector and the resultant industry response via the HEE has highlighted more than ever issues around patient safety and the competence of those people offering non-surgical aesthetic services. The BACN has reacted to this environment by looking at how best it can represent and promote the quality of services provided by its Members. It became clear that a standard member only category did not do justice to the experience, competence and qualifications of BACN members.

With all of these factors in mind the BACN has developed the following new categories of membership:

Categories of Membership:

NMC Registered Practitioners

Associate Member of the BACN:

• New Member and Practitioner - 2 years Post NMC Registration Experience

• Proof of Professional Aesthetic Indemnity Insurance

 Full Member and Prescriber:

• Member of the BACN for at least 2 years

• Practicing in Aesthetics for 2 years

• NMC registered

• Qualified and Recognised Prescriber – Proof Required

• Proof of Professional Aesthetic Indemnity Insurance

• New Member and Practitioner with 2 years plus of aesthetic experience

Fellow of the BACN:

• Continuous Member of the BACN for at least 5 years

 • Qualified and Recognised prescriber – Proof Required

 • Proof of Professional Aesthetic Indemnity Insurance

• Regular Publisher – Evidence Required

• Evidence of Service to the BACN and the Aesthetic Services industry

Considered by the BACN Board following application – no automatic right

Honorary Member of the BACN

Awarded at the discretion of the BACN Board.

Affiliated Members of the BACN

The BACN is continually being approached by Doctors and Dentists to be involved in its activities so has looked at broadening its membership to include UK Doctors and Dentists and overseas Doctors, Dentists and Nurses. The primary focus of the BACN will always be its nurses and they will always be in control of the organisation but the following new Affiliated Categories have been agreed in order to meet the demands described above:

UK Affiliate

• Qualified Doctor or Dentist

• Proof of Professional Aesthetic Indemnity Insurance

• Practicing in Aesthetics for 2 years + post qualification

 International Affiliate

• Practicing Aesthetic Medical professionals outside of the Uk (excluding Republic of Ireland)

• Members of a recognised Professional Medical Associations with a regulated body.

Republic of Ireland Affiliate

• Practicing Aesthetic Medical professionals in Republic of Ireland

• Members of a recognised Professional Medical Associations with a regulated body

Membership Fees:

The BACN Membership Fee of £150 was adequate at the start of the Association but now that it has become established this needed to be reviewed. The key criteria for the Review were as follows:

• To introduce a fee structure that reflects the differing levels of membership being proposed

• To develop a fee structure that takes into account the additional services being provided and the need for the BACN to engage in a range of different activities to protect its Members and grow its Members interests as the sector becomes more regulated

• To provide the financial resources for the BACN to be able to operate in a self-sustaining way

Based on the new proposed Membership Categories the new Membership Fees proposed are as follows: 

Category of MembershipAnnual Fee LevelAnnual Conference LevyTotal Fee
NMC Registered Practitioners
Associate Member
Full Member and Prescriber
(One off Joining Fee)


Free Attendance
Free Attendance
Free Attendance 

Affiliated Members
Republic of Ireland


Free Attendance 
Conference Optional (50% Discount) 
£50 (50% Discount)   


The BACN Annual Conference is a vital event for all practising Aesthetic Nurses and now carries CPD points (in 2015 it carried 7.5 points). It is custom and practice for many Professional Associations to require attendance at the Annual Conference and the BACN has now adopted this policy. The fee levied as part of the Membership includes the cost of the proposed One Day Conference in 2015 (it does not include travel, accommodation or evening event costs).

Fees for UK Affiliated members include the Annual Conference. International members are able to attend the Annual Conference at a 50% discount but it is optional.

Membership Benefits

A full list of benefits by Membership Category are set out in Appendix 1 however the BACN is able to announce the following benefits for 2015:

1. The introduction of the new BACN Super Regional one day meetings across the UK – all carrying CPD points.

2. BACN Membership certificates – With new categories

3. BACN CPD Certificates

4. BACN Charter Mark and Certificate

5. New website

6. CPR training

7. New Newsletter

8. Annual Conference with CPD Points

9. New resources area on the website


The new Membership Fees will introduced in a phased way in order to deal with the current situation where fees are charged in relation to each individual joining date. The key elements are as follows:

1. All new fee paying structures will be in place as from 1/4/2015.

2. All existing Members will be informed of the changes and a calculation made with regard to part payments linked to renewal dates.

3. All New members joining the BACN will pay the new rates immediately – pro rata calculations to be made.