Farewell to Kris

Dear Members

It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to Kris Wilkinson from the BACN administration team.

Kris has made the decision to step back from the BACN and enjoy some well-deserved time with family and other pursuits.

To give you some background on Kris and BACN; she was our first member of staff working from the Wells office when the BACN was conceived. She worked alongside Emma in the office, learning on the job and understanding the needs of the members and the board, with an immeasurable amount of patience and good grace. BACN would not be where it is today without Kris supporting us from the very beginning, going out of her way to help - way beyond her remit. She was everything to everyone, and for me as Vice Chair at the time, both her and Emma carried me through the early days. I will sorely miss her.

I have asked Emma Davies, previous Chair and Founder of BACN and Lou Sommereux, Founding board member and Ex Vice Chair to say a few words and here’s what they said:

Emma - “Kris was there right from the very beginning and brought the same passion and dedication to her job as the first founding members. I remember sitting opposite her in the office one day, hearing her taking calls from members and potential members and being so impressed by how quickly she had become fluent in the language and knowledgeable about sometimes complex issues and concerns, and everything she did she did with consummate professionalism, utter dedication, humour and a warm heart!She was so good at her job that many times I would answer the phone and the caller would ask to speak to Kris!I will always be grateful too for all the emotional support Kris gave me in those early years, her past experience as a psychotherapist came in very useful!”

Lou –“ Kris was and has been the stalwart of the BACN. The BACN would not have developed into the association it is today without her vision, dedication and support for the board and members. In the early days Kris did it all single handed; the phones, growing membership, supporting new members, regional groups, regional leaders, conference implementation, etc. and all with a smile. Kris’s dedication to the BACN was incredible and she worked many, many unpaid hours across the years for us all. I will truly miss her and wish her all the very best in her new venture.”

The words above sum up Kris and her loyalty to BACN beautifully so, on behalf of myself, the Board, the Membership and Liz and Victoria in the administration office THANK YOU KRIS FOR EVERYTHING.

Our fondest wishes from us all.

With love

Sharon Bennett