BACN Governance

The BACN is a ‘not for profit’ company limited by guarantee. It is owned by its nursing members and is governed by its agreed Constitution.

The main elements for governing the BACN are as follows: 

Education and Training Committee

Annual General Meeting (AGM) - Last AGM Held on Monday 10th December 2018

  • Open to all members of the BACN to attend
  • Receives Annual Accounts
  • Elects BACN Management Board

BACN Minutes from AGM 2018

BACN Management Board

  • Comprises up to 10 Members
  • Members are elected for up to 3 years
  • Members can serve for a maximum of 3 consecutive terms
  • Management Board members elect a Chair, Vice Chair and Treasurer from among their number
  • Officials serve a 3 year term

Election of Members to Management Board

  • Any member can nominate a person to be a Management Board Member by the agreed closing date 21 days before the notice of the AGM is issued
  • Voting is by electronic ballot accompanied by the BACN membership number

Management Board Meetings

  • Quarterly
  • Minuted
  • Attended only by Management Board Members, CEO and administrative support


The BACN is continually looking at ways to grow and enhance the services it provides to its members and to make the services relevant and easily obtainable.

In addition to providing services to Members, the BACN also plays a major role in the wider debate concerning regulation of the sector and patient care. Examples include its participation in the recent Health Education England (HEE) Expert Reference Group reviewing the findings of the Keogh Report into the Non-Surgical Aesthetic Sector in the UK.

You, our Members, tell us that the most important areas for you are education, training and CPD opportunities. There is a lot of additional information on this area in the Members Section of this site and an individual section on the 2015 NMC Revalidation Pilot Project of which the BACN is a partner.

We are always ready to listen to the views of our Members so please feel free to contact the following people who will be happy to respond to your enquiry or suggestion:

Sharon Bennett – BACN Chair :

Paul Burgess – BACN CEO :


BACN Use of Social Media – Guidance Note for Members

BACN Terms and Conditions