What to expect from a BACN nurse

In addition to following our strict Code of Conduct you can expect from a BACN Nurse the following:

Safe Hands: 

Insurance groups have reported that nurses tend to be more cautious than other clinical groups, in the treatments they undertake; only 14% of all paid claims since 2009 were related to treatments undertaken by nurses.

The leading medical insurance group reported that very few complaints made by patients were against nurses in the past 5 years (none for chemical denervation and less than 10 for dermal fillers). They speculated that this was due to the relationship fostered between nurse and patient and how nurses manage expectations and complaints.


• A considered and professional approach to assessing your treatment needs

• Advice in relation to treatments and your broader medical history

• A plan for your treatment rather than ‘one off’ actions

• Follow up consultations to review progress and effectiveness of treatments.

Professional Accountability

• Through membership and registration with the nurses professional registration body the NMC

• Through membership of the BACN who operate a written complaints procedure for managing any complaints against members.

REMEMBER: having a cosmetic injectable or any invasive cosmetic treatment is not without risk and warrants specialist clinical expertise.

The BACN is working towards ensuring its nurses give you the safest and most professional treatment.


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