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What does the BACN do?

The BACN members are individual aesthetic practitioners with professionally recognised medical qualifications and are members of a recognised professional body (NMC, GMC, GDC). The BACN represents their interests as individuals as well as the interests of aesthetic medical professionals as a whole. The membership is primarily UK based professionally qualified nurses who are NMC registered but there is provision for applicants who are Doctors and dentists and for health care professionals working outside of the UK. In short the BACN does what it can do to support its members in their practice.

Why should I join?

The BACN is the largest member based Professional Association in the aesthetics sector. We represent all members equally, no matter what their position, status or mode of practice. Working to ensure the welfare of our members is our primary function and daily focus. Our services are designed to meet the specialist needs of our Members. For a detailed breakdown of Member Services and benefits go to 'Become a Member' section.

Or you can contact our membership department today ( to find out more about BACN membership.

What do I get if I join?

Depending on your membership category you will get the following as part of the fee:

  • BACN Membership Certificate
  • Use of BACN Charter Mark and Charter Certificate
  • Attendance at BACN CPD Accredited Annual Conference
  • Attendance at BACN CPD Accredited Super Regional mini conferences
  • Mentoring from other BACN members
  • BLS (Basic Life Support) Training - CPR and Anaphylaxis
  • Access to BACN Members website section
  • Access to Private Facebook Groups
  • Access to BACN member Discounts – Insurance, training etc
  • Listing on Practitioner Finder

Most importantly you will get the ability to promote yourself as a BACN Member which is having a growing recognition as the industry standard for patient care.

What are the current BACN Membership Categories and Fees?

Category of Membership

Annual Fee

NMC Registered Practitioners
Associate Member
Full Member

Fellow (by application and approval of the BACN Board)


Affiliated Members (Doctors and Dentists)


for other options please contact the BACN office

I am a UK Doctor or Dentist can I join the BACN?

Yes, many UK Doctors and dentists already attend the BACN Annual Conference and regional meetings and have expressed an interest in being able to access these and other BACN services on a regular basis. The BACN has established a separate Affiliated category for Doctors and Dentists - Click here for details and to apply.

I live outside of the UK can I become a Member?

Yes there are two new categories of membership – for potential members located and working in Republic of Ireland and then for the rest of the world.

What is the criteria for International membership and how do I apply?

See 'Membership Categories' for details.

If I am working in Republic of Ireland can I join the BACN?

Yes, we welcome DANAI members in a category of your own. Register via the normal channels, we check with DANAI your membership with them, plus carry out usual checks on Professional Body membership etc.

Which BACN Region can I join to attend events?

You are advised to join your local region – see website for UK regions. However, you are free to go to any region of your choosing for events if it is more convenient for you or if there is a particular subject of interest that is being presented.

Can I go to a Regional Super meeting if I am not a member?

Yes if you pay a £50 fee but if you join it will represent much better value for you – unlimited attendance at all events around the UK. If you join after you pay your £50 fee it will be rebated against your new Annual Fee.

Do I have a say in how the BACN is run and operated?

Only UK based nurses have voting rights at the BACN Annual General Meeting (AGM) and this meeting has to agree any major changes to the BACN constitution or way of operating. Appointment to the Board of the BACN is open to all BACN Nursing members and is via the Code of practice set out in the Constitution.

I am thinking of starting mobile home visits as a practitioner, what is the BACN's position on this?

There is no current agreed standard for premises (but we’re working towards one), made all the more complex by possible future changes re clinic inspections. It is up to the individual where you work, providing it meets NMC and insurer requirements, which you much check.

How do I join?

Have your Professional Body PIN number to hand, insurance details and a current debit or credit card, and CLICK HERE for registration page. Any queries please contact Gareth, BACN's Membership Manager on

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