What Our Members Say

'It’s an amazing opportunity to educate your customers on new technologies, products, and procedures’

Victoria Hiscock (Alumier MD)

‘You’ll generate high quality leads and grow your database’

Joanne O'Connor (Sinclair Pharma)

‘You might increase your sales as a direct result of being here, we certainly have’

Paul Gibbons (Cynosure)

‘Our customers get to try the products before they buy them, and they also get to see the latest launches before they hit the market’

Lizzie Shaw (Church Pharmacy)

‘There’s nothing like meeting your customers in person to nurture ongoing relationships’

Debra Derosa (Merz Aesthetics)

‘Exhibiting at the BACN Conference will give you access to a large number of forward thinking nurse practitioners’

Kristina Maguire (Allergan Aesthetics)

‘Being here helps you to maintain your position as a leading brand’

Kerrie Smythe (Wigmore Medical)

‘By being here, you’ll build the trust and confidence of your customers’

Lorna Bowes (Aesthetic Source)

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