BACN - The British Association of Cosmetic Nurses        

The British Association of Cosmetic Nurses

The BACN is the largest Professional Association for nurses carrying out cosmetic treatments in the UK. It operates under a strict Code of Conduct in order to ensure patient safety across all treatments undertaken by its members.

The BACN has a dual role:

• To provide services and support to all of its Members

• To promote and support patient safety in the area of Non-Surgical Aesthetic Treatments

The largest group of Members are UK based Nurses registered with the NMC but from 1/4/2015 it now offers Affiliated Memberships to other approved health care professionals in the UK (Doctors, Dentists etc) and from overseas.

The BACN is a ‘Not for Profit’ organisation owned by its Members and its Board is elected on an Annual Cycle.

The Vision/Mission:

By 2017 we will be recognised as the primary Membership Association in the field of medical aesthetics nursing providing expert level advice on standards, best practice in training, education and innovative services to its specialist nursing members so that they can offer their clients the best and most secure outcomes for people seeking their professional services.

The BACN and Patient Safety

Regulation of the Aesthetics Industry

The aesthetics industry in the UK is not regulated and as such any person can offer complex aesthetic treatments. This is a very dangerous situation and the BACN have campaigned tirelessly to have this changed without success. However there are new proposals being developed to establish a ‘Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners – JCCP’ that will register all practitioners who meet an industry agreed set of clinical and educational standards. This will take some time to put in place with a target launch date of April 2017.

Under the current arrangements of non-regulation we strongly advise the following for members of the public seeking aesthetic treatments:

1. Go to a recognized medical professional who is able to show you that they are a member of a ‘Governing Body’ that regulates their behavior via an agreed Code of Conduct – Examples would be the General Medical Council (GMC), the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) and the General Dental Council (GDC).

2. Go to a web site like the BACN where we identify practitioners in your area that operate under the BACN Code of Conduct and are qualified and registered nurses.

3. Ask for proof of registration, charter marks and for patient recommendations where available.

Functions of the BACN

The British Association of Cosmetic Nurses was established in 2010 following restructuring at The Royal College of Nursing. It is a ‘not for profit’ association seeking charitable status with an elected Board and Regional Group Leaders. From a small start in 2010 it had grown, by 2016, to a membership of 500+ members, all nurses with a passion for what they do and a desire to be part of a specialist community, working together with common goals.

The BACN - Key Current Functions:

• To act as an expert resource.

• To provide guidance on best practice to ensure the safety of patients and nurses.

• To review current training and raise standards.

• To provide Continuous Professional Development.

• To give members access to information on training, conferences and research.

• To facilitate guidance and support to members and inform and educate the public/media.

• Organise, or assist in organising meetings, lectures, workshops and exhibitions or assist in publishing reports or other documents or information.

• To work with all stakeholders.

• To facilitate networking.

• To influence policy making at the highest level

Key Underpinning Statements:

• We will continue to provide high level advice and policy guidance in relation to key issues affecting the sector including education, training, standards and Codes of Practice.

• We will establish and promote standards for the safe and effective practice of medical aesthetics by Nurses with reference to those required by the NMC.

• We will set standards for conduct, ethics, proficiency, education and training and continuing professional development.

• We will establish fitness to practise requirements, monitoring nursing professionals fitness to practice and deal fairly and proportionally with complaints and concerns.

• We will develop our presence and profile to both attract potential new members and to influence key decision makers in the sector.

• We will seek to be the first port of call for the media when seeking responses on issues regarding medical aesthetics.

• We will continue to provide support and to develop services for our Membership, stakeholders and business partners.

• We will aim to increase our Membership by numbers and across a wider geographical area of the UK and in key overseas locations.

• We will develop a commercial strategy to ensure the sustainability of the Association.

• We will operate in a way that reflects our charitable status and the terms of our constitution as well as principles of best practice in governance.

Key Drivers of the Strategy:


Education, Training and Standards

Membership Changing Needs and Requirements

Financial Sustainability

Core Strategic Objectives:

The BACN Core Strategic Objectives have been derived from the Vision Statement, key underpinning statements and key drivers:

1. To Enhance Membership Values

2. To promote Enhanced Client Experiences

3. To provide an Industry Lead

4. Raise the External Profile of the Organisation

5. To improve Quality, Sustainability and Governance

The Strategic Plan 2014/17 contains the key actions, target dates and Lead Responsibilities for implementing the Plan.

Strategic Partners

Media Partners

Network Partners

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