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The British Association of Cosmetic Nurses

The BACN is the largest Professional Association for nurses carrying out cosmetic treatments in the UK. It operates under a strict Code of Conduct in order to ensure patient safety across all treatments undertaken by its members.

The BACN has a dual role:

• To provide services and support to all of its Members  

• To promote and support patient safety in the area of Non-Surgical Aesthetic Treatments

The largest group of Members are UK based Nurses registered with the NMC but from 1/4/2015 it now offers Affiliated Memberships to other approved health care professionals in the UK (Doctors, Dentists etc) and from overseas.

The BACN is a ‘Not for Profit’ organisation owned by its Members and its Board is elected on an Annual Cycle.

Status of BACN

The BACN was established in 2009 and developed as a ‘Not for Profit’ Association. The BACN has grown rapidly so there has been a need to review this structure in order to enable it to operate in a much more complex, professional and financial environment. 

With effect from 1st April 2015 the BACN will operate as a not-for-profit limited company. The new company is still owned and controlled by its members. 

BACN Limited is also in the process of establishing a separate Charitable Company which be a 100% owned subsidiary of BACN Limited and allow it to attract charitable grants and donations.


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